In today's world, waste management is no longer a simple matter of collection and disposal. There are new challenges that arise from a modern society’s requirements for a clean environment.

At MEA Environment, we aim to define how effective waste management solutions can better our cities and we actively work on solutions towards this.

Based in Singapore, our core business focuses on providing sustainable waste management solutions and systems for the local market. We also work in tandem with distribution partners to provide products and services required by the solid waste services companies, private establishments and governmental agencies.

We take pride in designing and customising our extensive range of products to suit the environment and at the same time, offer great value and functionality. Such as, our bins which take up less space and yet contain more.
Over the years, MEA
Environment has
established a network of
distributors for her range
of both Plastics and Metal
Waste management
As environmental innovators equipped with experience in the field of environmental management, our team is constantly working on developing new designs and to provide essential waste systems consultation to commercial, industrial and municipal customers.

Through market research and data analytics, we are kept updated on the dynamic industry to deliver effective environmental solutions to you.

Let's un-complicate the science of waste management.